Living with pain can be a nightmare, and nobody is immune from it. Pain can be caused by a range of different factors, such as injuries, lifestyle, chronic health conditions and more. When it comes to pain management, it’s important to identify the cause of pain in order to treat it effectively.

What is pain management?

In a physiotherapy sense, pain management is all about identifying the causes of pain and offering suitable treatment plans. Pain management often involves working with other medical professionals to determine the cause of pain before devising a treatment plan.

In many cases, there may not be just a single cause of your pain. For example, you may have an existing injury which you’ve never really recovered from. But this could also have led to ergonomic problems with your posture. Only when we identify the source of your pain can we develop an appropriate way forward.

Pain management can incorporate a range of different treatment options, such as massage, supervised exercise, targeted exercise programs, and of course education on how other factors could contribute to your pain.

Why we use pain management

For anybody suffering with chronic pain, you know how life-altering it can be. Pain can have associated psychological effects, physical effects, and keep you from doing the things you love. Also, as we know, pain is quite simply unpleasant!

Pain management varies from patient to patient, because everyone’s circumstances are different. Pain can come from many sources, and some painful conditions need more intensive treatment. Unfortunately, some sources of pain can also not be completely cured with physiotherapy. In these cases, physiotherapy is a form of managing that pain to help you live a more comfortable, pain-free life.

With our qualified physiotherapists, you don’t need to let pain run your life. An appointment with one of our friendly team can help you manage pain and live your life to the fullest.

What causes pain?

Causes of pain can be wide-ranging and numerous. Everything from injuries, chronic conditions and illness, lifestyle factors and even psychological factors can impact your body in a negative way. For this reason, it’s important for your physio to understand the cause of your pain. Our assessment process aims to determine the reason for your pain, and how we can best help you manage it.

Pain can be caused by:

  • Injuries
  • Physical dysfunction
  • Illness
  • Workplace or environmental issues
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Chronic conditions
  • Ergonomic problems
  • Psychological contributors

Whatever the cause, it’s time to stop suffering. Let the friendly team at Auscare Physio develop a tailored plan to help manage your pain.